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    Best Seattle House Cleaning Services In The Northwest​

    Do you need top-rated Seattle house cleaning services? Call Premium Green for a free estimate.

    Seattle is a bustling metropolis and one of the most famous coastal cities in the United States. It’s also a prime location for real estate, including sprawling mansions, charming bungalows, ultramodern condominiums, and impressive commercial spaces. If you’re looking for a Seattle house cleaning service that will maintain the character of your place in Seattle, call Premium Green.

    Professional House Cleaning—Seattle, WA

    The Seattle housing market is one of the most diverse across the West Coast, and our experienced Seattle Premium Green cleaning professionals take pride in their part in it. Our Seattle, WA, house cleaning services help our customers relax after a long day of work or relocation. Our sanitization services go above and beyond industry standards, and any environmentally conscious homeowners and businesses will appreciate our green house cleaning (Seattle and surrounding areas).

    Premium Green services include:

    Janitorial services
    Office Cleaning
    House Cleaning
    Move Out Cleaning

    What You Should You Expect from a House Cleaning

    At Premium Green, our professionals work around the clock to accommodate your schedule. Our cleaners are trained and qualified with innovative cleaning routines and vast experience in all types of homes and commercial settings.

    General cleaning techniques from Premium Green include:

    • Disinfecting and cleaning bathroom tiles and countertops
    • Dusting low traffic areas
    • Wiping down baseboards and trims
    • Mopping and vacuuming kitchen floors
    • Wiping and disinfecting tables, chairs, mirrors, microwaves, and ranges
    • Removing stains from mirrors and glass doors

    Almost all our house cleaning services (Seattle, WA, and surrounding areas) use eco-friendly cleaners without CFCs, but the company takes it a step further. Our cleaners also tackle grime in hard-to-reach areas behind kitchen appliances and TV sets to maximize their efficiency. It makes the property sparkle and simultaneously reduces its carbon footprint.

    The Best Seattle House Cleaning Services in The Northwest with Premium Green

    The best house cleaning Seattle services adapt to the busy lives of their clients. Seattle is the most famous city in the world for coffeehouses and innovative methods of caffeine consumption. The headquarters of Seattle’s Best Coffee, Tully’s, and Starbucks are prominent landmarks in the city, which speaks volumes about the lifestyles of its residents.
    Our West Seattle house cleaning professionals are efficient, cost-effective, and punctual. We will show up on schedule and do the job right the first time. Our commercial and residential clients rate us highly on independent review websites and cleaning forums for our expertise with green cleaning technologies that save them money, time, and energy. Locals rely on our moving cleaning services and sanitizing for Airbnb properties, permanent homes, driveways, living rooms, and whole-home services.

    Seattle competes with nearby high-income cities like Vancouver and Portland, but maintaining its offering as a clean place to live and work is one of its primary attractions. Maintain the value of your Seattle property by hiring our Premium Green cleaners to keep it looking its best. Call us today sen an email to [email protected].

    A family-owned Seattle Cleaning service you can trust and count on.

    Why we do what we do and what we believe in

    Premium Green Cleaning services believes in helping out the local community in Greater Seattle. Businesses often tell us that time is very important to them, as they can use this precious asset to get things done. Not only do businesses have precious time to use, people like yourself may also find that there is not enough time in the world to get everything done. The great question we always ask our friends and customers is “What could you be doing with your time instead of worrying about cleaning the office or home?”. After asking this question we often get responses such as the following.

    • “I could get time to focus on me time.“
    • “Perhaps, go to that restaurant I have always wanted to go to.”
    • “Visit the space need in downtown Seattle!”
    • “Get to that important business meeting I need to attend.”
    • “Take a walk down to the beach.”

    We hope you may have some actionable thing you may want to get done from chilling in a hammock to running a marathon. Whatever it is, just know with a cleaning service like Premium Green, you can relax knowing the cleaning is being done.

    Who we are

    Premium Green Cleaning was started by a group of inspired entrepreneurs to give more time back to the community by their local youth pastor who has experience in leadership and cleaning as well. Though a growing startup, they hope to change how cleaning services are served with outstanding customer service and connections one cleaning at a time. We are very much appreciative of those who have helped us get started with our cleaning movement. A few special thanks go to the Jubilee Women’s Center of Seattle, WA, Duy Bui of  State Farm Insurance Agent, as well as Zain and Jessica Paloalto from Back2Basics Cleaning. As we continue providing cleaning services in Seattle, we hope to grow this movement internationally helping people across the globe.

    Where are from and where we service

    Seattle, WA is not the only city we provide cleaning services too. We really want to provide our service to as many people as possible. Business isn’t always about making a quick buck, but instead, we believe in a higher purpose to fill our friends and customer’s lives with more time to do things they want to do instead of taking the task of cleaning.

    Here is a quick overview list of the main local cities we serve only in Washington: 

    • All of Seattle, WA
    • West Seattle, WA
    • Bellevue, WA
    • Renton, WA
    • Lynwood, WA
    • Redmond, WA
    • Kirkland, WA
    • Snohomish, WA
    • Everett, WA
    • Lake Stevens, WA
    • Arlington, WA

    We love to help local communities and cities that are mainly in the great Pacific North West, so if you do not see your city in the lists above don’t worry! Feel free to contact us phone, text, our form, email or even a messenger pigeon.

    On second thought, let’s stick to the more common ways of communication…

    What we can do for you

    We have a list of services that will be able to tailor to your cleaning needs big or small. The main general home cleaning services for you to choose from will depend on the size of the cleaning needed. If you are unsure about anything do not hesitate to contact us or schedule a time to talk in person. We understand investing in a cleaning service may seem confusing or daunting at first, so we want to make this streamline and smooth as possible. Making sure our friends, as well as customers, feel comfortable and confident in their decision when choosing a cleaning service to invest with. 

    Worry Free Cleaning

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      Office Cleaning ServiceHome Cleaning ServiceCleaning service for AirbnbMove out CleaningOther

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