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Do you have an Airbnb or know someone that does? A common thought of Airbnb owners could be if you need an Airbnb cleaning service. Premium Green Cleaning services offers a variety of solutions for your cleaning needs. From tidying up the kitchen to the living room, we make sure the job gets done correctly, and our customers and friends are happy.

Working with a local business not only makes the connection more real, but it’s also awesome knowing that our local community in Seattle Washington it’s being taken care of correctly.

Consider saving yourself from the stress of worrying about whether or not the people staying at your Airbnb will like it or not. Of confidence knowing that you’re place is ready for any situation that comes. Our skilled professional team would be glad to give a helping hand, so consider giving us a call or even contact us through our contact form.

About Premium Green Cleaning

This great friendly cleaning team was established more up North of Seattle in the small City of Marysville, Washington. The crew of Premium Green enjoys the travel down south to help out there the city of Seattle, Washington. Still being a startup, they want to make an impact and a difference in how cleaning services work. Therefore their differentiations are they exceed the quality of work they deliver to the Airbnb owners and outstanding customer service.

What Kind of Airbnb Cleaning Solutions Do They Offer?

Now, this green cleaning company provides a lot of unique Airbnb cleaning services to their customer’s needs. Don’t worry if you have a list of things that need to get done for your Airbnb, as their team and crew are professionally trained to follow instructions required. Another thing to keep in mind is that you are not bound to any contract when using Premium Green, so for any reason, you can stop using our services.

A shortlist of a few things we can do for your Airbnb that can be either one time or recurring:

  • Deep Detailed Cleaning
  • Professionally vacuumed
  • Detailed Dusting
  • Sanitizing both kitchen & bathroom
  • Removing any unwanted disposable garbage and recycle.
  • Polishing faucets and stainless steel objects
  • And more!

Why Should You Care?

Many know word of mouth is still a powerful key component in marketing and getting your message out there. The very first thing most could guests notice is whether or not the Airbnb is clean. So making a great first impression can make the rest of their experience a wonderful one. As a result, your prior guests speak in good terms of your Airbnb to their friends and family.

How do I Get Started?

Getting started is as easy as sending a text, email, and even submitting a quote request form. Click here to submit a quote request. We can give you an over-the-phone quote or even an in-person examination of what the project consists of.


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Common Questions

It won’t be as helpful as possible, so here are too frequent questions about cleaning Airbnb’s. Do you have any additional questions that need answering? Feel free to contact us.

Do you have to clean Airbnb?

Airbnb guests sometimes find themselves asking themselves, “do I need to clean my Airbnb?”.

The short answer is no.

There is a cleaning fee that is paid by the guest so the host can hire a cleaning service or even do it themselves. It’s usually a best practice to clean up noticeable messes such as leftover food on the counter or also remaining open soda cans. The main things, such as vacuuming or even taking the garbage out, are done by the hostess or cleaning service they hire.

How much should a cleaning company charge to clean an Airbnb

It all depends on the cleaning needs of the Airbnb host. Some Airbnb’s are small and can be completed in a short period while others are huge and can take all day to clean. Another factor is what needs to be done in the cleaning. There are a lot of other factors that come in play to the cost of an Airbnb cleaning service such as location, time, and work needed. The cost of a clean for an Airbnb can be as low as $90 to $500. The average price we find is about $100 to $250 for a one time clean in Seattle, WA.

Reach out to Premium Green today for the most experienced and cost-effective Seattle Airbnb cleaning service.

Many vacation rental property owners now require a regular Airbnb cleaning service. Seattle is one of the most famous coastal cities worldwide, with evergreen forests and people who practice environment-friendly lifestyles. Its attraction is growing, from architectural marvels like the 1692 World’s Fair to a booming modern art scene and landmarks, such as the Chihuly Garden and Glass and Experience Music Project.

The Best Seattle Airbnb Cleaning Service

Seattle tourists and traveling business owners want to ride the city’s iconic monorail and see The Space Needle. They also want world-class accommodation commensurate with the rates they’re paying. Well-sanitized Airbnbs, hotel rooms, and temporary homes are now an expectation that safeguards a passive income emanating from an investment property.

Statistics from AirDNA reveal that the more than 2,000 Airbnb properties in Seattle enjoy an 84% occupancy rate, and rental demand is still increasing. Give your tenants peace of mind by providing safe accommodations with our Airbnb cleaning service. Seattle commercial and residential properties deserve the opportunity to shine, so hire our professional Premium Green team and take advantage of services like:

  • Wiping and vacuuming floors and walls
  • Cleaning cooking appliance interiors
  • Kitchen and bathroom floor and surface disinfection
  • Cleaning of mirrors, windows, and doors
  • Cleaning blinds, lampshades, and carpets

Precision Techniques for Airbnb Cleaning

Our professional team of cleaners uses only the best cleaning materials for any Airbnb cleaning service. Seattle also appreciates our deep clean options with eco-friendly, anti-microbial materials for:

  • A 99.94% reduction in coronavirus particles
  • The eradication of viruses in under ten seconds, such as canine parvovirus, at a rate of 99.99%
  • Kill rates that are healthier for humans and more effective than synthetic acids, bleaches, and detergents

Our cleaners wear protective gear and have insurance policies to release our commercial customers from any liability.

Premium Green’s Reliable Airbnb Cleaning Service in Seattle, WA

Do you have tourists or transient residents needing a reliable Airbnb cleaning service? Seattle turns to top-rated services like ours to prepare for their guests.

Our Services

Deep Cleaning Service

Deep cleaning services are often used for extensive cleaning. We will go in-depth and make sure every nook and cranny is cleaned properly. Of course, deep cleaning will require more time to complete compared to basic cleaning. Want to know what our process is? Refer to our basic cleaning guide.

Note: Some unique projects will require a more unique process to be delivered.

Basic Cleaning Service

Basic cleaning is often used for simple cleaning tasks you need to get out of the way. From a basic cleaning of behind the laundry machines to a basic cleaning of a room. We will not go as in-depth into the cleaning, but we will be sure to get the specific details you need to be done. Basic cleaning is often cheaper than the deep cleaning service

One-Time Cleaning

When you are asking Premium Green Cleaning to take care of your task don't worry about being locked into a contract. We do have a simple service agreement to be signed to make sure we are both safe legally.

Recurring Cleaning Service

There are times when you want to have your cleaning kept up for a while. Our recurring cleaning service will be sure to maintain all the cleaning your home or office needs.

Tell us about your cleaning project for a free quote