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With a Seattle based cleaning service like Premium Green, we take care of all the maintenance for you, so you can live in life moments, not cleaning.

Services we offer:

  • House Cleaning Services
  • Apartment Cleaning Services
  • Move Out Cleaning Services
  • Airbnb Cleaning Services
  • Janitorial Cleaning Services

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    We Clean

    After we discuss the project and quote of the job, our professional team will get right to work on the scheduled day!

    You smile!

    After you are satifided with the job you will not only have a clean home but also a bright clean smile!

    If you have any questions or concerns about the process of how we clean, feel free to reach out to us or view our FAQ page of the most frequently asked questions

    Cleaning Services in Seattle

    office cleaning seattle

    Office cleaning service

    We know about your hectic schedule. We also know that having a clean, organized work place is an less for a stress free work environment for you and your team!. This is why we offer a office cleaning service to get the job done while you focus on important matter, not cleaning. 

    Busy with errands? We would love to take care of your cleaning at your home, so you can relax and use your time on what ever you want. Premium Green will tailor to your cleaning needs with our home cleaning service! Because enjoying life moments should be all about cleaning.  

    maid service near seattle
    airbnb cleaning seattle

    Cleaning Service for Airbnb

    Premium Green Cleaning services have partnered with many Airbnb owners to help clean up their space and check of that list of chores! You wont regret our Airbnb cleaning services.

    Feel happy

    A clean home that feels and smells clean can put a smile to anybody face. You will never regret a clean home.

    No hidden fees

    The quote price of a cleaning is transparent to both us and you! If you have any concerns about pricing don't hesitate to contact us

    The team

    Premium Green Cleaning believes in honesty, open communication, respect, professionalism, integrity, excellence, and cooperation.

    time flexible

    Our team will be sure to work around your schedule if possible. Your time is as valuable as our own.

    Welcome to Premium Green Seattle Cleaning services we are based in the Seattle WA area and cover all of King County. We are a specialist team of cleaners who can undertake all aspects of cleaning services big or small.

    At Premium Green Cleaning we aim to deliver a high quality efficient, reliable, and consistent service to all our clients. All our cleaners are thoroughly vetted and fully qualified for the work they do, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands. Whether it is commercial or home cleaning, we are confident that we have the right type of service for you. Our aim at Premium Green Cleaning is to deliver reliable, high quality, and consistent service at an affordable price.

    So why not give us a call today to discuss what you may need to be cleaned. Alternatively please feel free to drop us an email, and we will respond promptly.


    With Premium Green Cleaning our core values are not just a way of thinking—they are an integral part of who we are.

    They are the essential principles that unite us and guide our behavior, our interactions with one another and our decisions. 

    Every day, we show genuine concern for others and are sincere in what we say and do. 

    We treat everyone as we would like to be treated. And, we are always accountable for our promises and our actions. 

    As long as we stay true to ourselves and true to others, we cannot help but accomplish great things. 

    We are not just a service, we are Premium Green.    

    Save time, money and stress with our Premium Seattle Cleaning Services

    Professional and affordable cleaning services for your home and office in King County. The Premium Green team has what it takes to get your cleaning chores done in no time. The company works according to your terms and schedule, as it offers one time, bi-weekly, monthly, and even seasonal cleaning such as Spring clean up.

    They make use of top of the line cleaning products and equipment to ensure you of a spotless home or office free of dirt and grime. You decide when to avail of our services and what you expect to get done in your house, condo, apartment, Airbnb, or office in Seattle, and rest assured our cleaning services will exceed all your expectations.

    We know with your busy schedule the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning your home. Our teams are trained and supervised and will satisfy your home cleaning needs.

    Cleaning Services Designed For Your Home and Business

    Being a commercial cleaning company as well, Premium Green sees to it that our well-rounded cleaning staff and maids will address your cleaning requirements according to the cleaning services that you have availed.  We perform anything that professional cleaning and maid services entail from cleaning windows, walls, mirrors, bathrooms, kitchen cupboards and appliances, to polishing hardwood floors and cleaning surfaces underneath heavy furniture pieces and home appliances.

    Premium Green Cleaning is a team of trained and seasoned cleaning professionals. Our responsibility is to leave your home or office truly clean. We use eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable cleaning products.

    We will customize your house cleaning based on your requirements. We want you to be happy with our service and desire your home to be treated the way you would treat it. We will make any changes to customize our service to your liking.

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    At Premium Green, we have a massive range of services that help keep your office or business in the best condition. We also help homeowners who have a hard time caring for their properties. Cleaning services in Seattle are a must for rental property owners, and we can adjust to meet your every need. No matter the space or the scope of the project, we keep everything clean and fresh with our unique approach to project management.

    Contact Premium Green today for a free estimate and survey of your space. We are happy to get you started as soon as possible. With every consultation, we ensure that you are happy and satisfied with the way your space looks.

    Home Cleaning Services

    Our Seattle cleaning company works with homeowners every day. We know that it can be difficult to find time to keep your home clean. Your family has obligations every day of the week, making it extremely difficult to find time for even the simplest cleaning jobs.

    This is where Premium Green comes in. Our team will work on your schedule to keep the house in perfect order. We clean every room and surface to your liking, and we can also handle special cleaning projects that are unique to your home.

    The chandelier in your foyer may be too difficult to reach, and we will clean it for you. High windows in rooms with 20-foot ceilings are no trouble. We can sanitize any surface as needed.

    We offer routine cleaning services on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. We can also provide you with one-time cleaning services if you are hosting a party or gathering.

    As part of our home cleaning services, we make it a point to work around areas that should not be touched. We are happy to clean to your specifications and will be very careful around your pets.

    Airbnb Cleaning Services

    Our cleaning services in Seattle, WA, include rental properties as well. Seattle is one of the best vacation towns in America. With the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and a host of tech hubs, we see vacationers throughout the year. As a result, we have many clients who own Airbnb properties. If you host Airbnb guests regularly, you need your space cleaned as soon as a tenant leaves, and the turnaround time can be very tight.

    Speak with our Premium Green team today to schedule cleanings for every Airbnb you own. We can get in there as soon as the previous guest leaves, leaving it ready for a new tenant. We also report any issues with the property back to you.

    While we cannot handle any repairs, we reduce response times to both emergencies and small repair needs.

    Janitorial Services

    Our Seattle, WA, cleaning services allow for janitorial service in any building. There are times when you need a recurrent cleaning crew throughout the day. Hiring a massive janitorial team can be expensive and complicated. At Premium Green, we handle all the hiring for you by providing you with our trained and certified staff members.

    Our trusted janitors will clean everything to your exact specifications, and they have a project manager with them who can help with maintenance issues. We report problems and work with minimal disruption to your staff.

    If you need our team to arrive early, we will get in and out of the building before the business day begins. We can clean your office or business when everyone leaves, or we can clean throughout the day as your staff remains productive. You will save money and time because we get the job done for much less than a full-time staff would cost.

    Our janitorial services are secure and flexible. We know that your schedule can be chaotic and are happy to make changes at any time to suit your schedule.

    The Benefits of Hiring Premium Green

    Using our services at Premium Green is the best way to keep your office or business as clean and comfortable as possible. You may have concerns about outbreaks of illness or you might know that there are certain areas of the facility that get dirty very easily.

    At Premium Green, we offer several benefits, including:

    • Timely and reliable service
    • Green cleaning products
    • Sanitization upon request
    • The ability the clean medical facilities
    • Working on your schedule
    • We train all our staffers and never hire contractors
    • We are a family-owned business

    Allow us to make an investment in your home, office, or rental property just like you. We are your partners, and we will treat each space as if it were our own.

    In addition to providing you with our range of benefits, we are happy to use your equipment. You may have specific devices you prefer to use, and we will use them provided they are in good condition.

    We can clean anything in any space. You may have questions about how certain parts of the building, home, or property will get clean, and we can explain the results you are likely to get. We never want to waste your money, which is why we offer consultations before services begin. For example, if you have carpeting that will never come clean, we will recommend that you replace it instead of wasting your money on ineffective cleaning.

    The same is true with windows, counters, and other surfaces. You can trust that we are both honest and forthcoming while providing you with our cleaning services.

    Contact Our Team at Premium Green for Professional Seattle Cleaning Services

    When you are ready to work with our cleaning company in Seattle, we will give you the estimate you need and schedule service on your timeline. Our Seattle cleaning services ensure that your home, office, or rental property remains in perfect condition. If you need anything from a janitor to a simple one-time cleaning job, we have the options you need. Call us or contact us online for further assistance.




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